Digital Orchard

‘Digital Orchard’ was commissioned as a site specific work for the Fuji Xerox building at Khartoum Road Macquarie Park, completed for Goodman with OPRA Architects. The artwork responds to earlier orchards on this site, and the digital copying technologies of Fuji Xerox.  The highly op-art character of overlapping orange slices in different vibrant colours also references gene-splicing and modern hybrid citrus varieties.  Ross Shepherd was the artist and provided the concept, imagery and guidance through to implementation, working with Tilt Industrial Design, completing detailed shop drawing, fabrication and installation for these works.  The work is oriented to enjoy afternoon sunshine streaming through the various layers of coloured glass to create colour interactions and long cast coloured shadows.  By night the strong up-lighting engages all the glass faces and creates full in the round colour interactions for passing pedestrians and cars.

Location: Fuji Xerox HQ, Macquarie Park, Australia

Market: Corporate Office

Service: Public Art