‘Antithesis’ is a series of artworks at Macquarie Street Parramatta, completed for Toplace with Krikis Tayler Architects for City of Parramatta.

The various artworks reflect upon urban intensification and vertical living. Ross Shepherd was the artist and provided the concept, imagery and guidance through to implementation, working with Tilt Industrial Design, completing detailed shop drawing, fabrication and installation for these works. The main circular and spiral ‘cast-metal ants’ installations are two major ‘lantern’ spaces are 6 story high atriums that mark the entry to the cross site link on this important journey towards the CBD and railway. The 60 metre cross-site covered walkway passes below an overhead podium and residential towers, with a series of text inlays in the pavement quoting proverbs from around the world about ants and human aspects of their genetically programmed behaviour, social structure and life cycle.

Client: Toplace

Architect: Krikis Tayler

Artist : Site Image

DD / Fabrication / Install: Tilt Industrial Design

Location: Macquarie Street Parramatta